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Hi, I'm Kodi Wolf.

You've found the place where I post all my original lesbian fiction (if you were looking for my lesbian fan fiction, please visit http://www.kodiwolf.com/KWLF/).

I write in the following genres:

Lesbian Romance

If you like reading about women falling in love with each other, you're in the right place because all of my stories contain lesbian romances. Though my romances tend to take place on a backdrop of other major events, which give them dual (or more) citizenship in the other genres listed below, the romantic aspect is always, in my opinion, what makes the story worth reading (and writing).

I'd also like to mention that all of my characters are very comfortable with their sexuality, so at no time will any of them stop and wonder why or if they should be attracted to someone of the same sex. I consider it a non-issue, so if you're looking for a coming out story, you'll need to look elsewhere. While I believe those types of stories are important, I don't write them (see the About page for an explanation).

Lesbian Erotica

If you like not only reading about women falling in love, but also consummating that love, I have to say, you just hit the jackpot because all of my stories contain explicit sex scenes (some a lot more than others).

However, there is a caveat. I don't know how to write a gratuitous sex scene. I can't just send Character A and Character B into a room and have them go at it. There has to be a plot, the characters have to be working something out or expressing their emotions through the act of having sex. So hopefully you like a lot of plot with your sex (and some sex with your plot) because I can't seem to write any other way.

Also, because of that, each of my sex scenes tends to be integral to the story it takes place in, meaning if you're used to skipping the explicit bits, you're going to end up missing a chunk of the story, not to mention probably some important character development. You might be able to get away with that with a couple of my stories, but if it includes erotica in the genre listing, stay away. The story won't make any sense without the sex scenes because that's where most of the story takes place.

Lesbian Science Fiction

I love science fiction. I grew up on the stuff. Put it together with a good lesbian romance and suddenly you have my all-time favorite sub-sub-genre of fiction: lesbian sci-fi romance.

Hence, most of my stories (but not all) include a science fiction setting for my lesbian characters to run around in while they're falling in love with each other. Since I love learning about the latest technological breakthroughs and scientific discoveries and do a ton of research for my stories, a lot of what ends up in my stories starts out as something I read in a science article or saw on a documentary (or it's a staple of sci-fi and I've done my best to come up with a plausible explanation for its occurrence).

What can you expect in my sci-fi stories?

Just check the synopses and reviews to find out which stories are likely to contain which elements.

Lesbian Fantasy

Since science fiction is my preference, fantasy isn't normally a genre I read (the only books coming to mind are The Hobbit, Grimms' Fairy Tales, and The Blue Adept series by Piers Anthony), so I normally wouldn't write in it either, but I'm currently working on a lesbian retelling of some of my favorite fairy tales, so I decided to add it to the list.

My lesbian fairy tales are based on the originals' plots, but I've fleshed them out for a more modern audience, for example, coming up with motivations for characters' actions where none were given in the original (other than this character is inherently bad and this one is good, or these two are supposed to be in love, therefore they are). Also, there's no question about the characters' sexuality. Even though the tales are set in medieval times, everyone is very open-minded. :)

Lesbian Vampire/Paranormal/Horror

My vampires have a science fiction basis rather than the usual soulless demon or religious/spiritual origin, so I don't really consider my vampire series to fit the paranormal or horror categories, but that's where vampires usually end up and there's a lot of death and killing, so I'm just trying to cover all my bases.

Lesbian Noir/Thriller

Just like for fantasy, noir/thriller is not a genre I would normally expect to find myself writing in, but somehow I've written an entire novel in this genre. I think my muse just likes to keep me on my toes. :)

Where to Begin Your Journey

To get you started, the posted stories are listed by title in the Worlds menu on the left. Clicking on one of them will take you to that story's main page where you can get more information about the story before reading it. The first chapter(s) are available for free, but if you decide you're enjoying the story enough to want to keep reading, you'll need to become a member of the site. To do that, just click on the Become a Member link at the top of any page and you'll be taken to a page with more information about Memberships.

If you're interested in what other stories I'm currently working on, but haven't posted yet, you can click on any of the stories in the Uncharted menu to go to that story's main page for more information. Just remember, these stories are still very much in the process of being created, so any and all information about them may change at any time, including the possibility of them being completely abandoned.

If you'd like to read the latest news concerning my life and the most recent story updates, please visit the News section.

I think the rest of the place is pretty self-explanatory, so feel free to explore.

If you have any questions concerning my stories or problems using the site, please check the Help/FAQ page before e-mailing me.

Also, you should read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By using the site or e-mailing me, you are agreeing to their terms.

Well, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your time in my worlds. :)

Now, go check out my stories and don't forget to let me know what you think of them.